FileBrowser\Compilation Layout zSize

in nero when you pick what kind of cd/dvd you wanna burn, and file browser and compilation shows up on the screen, every single time, the drive tree on the left side is specific with, i can extend it, to make it winder, but after turning off nero, and starting it up again, it all return to defualt. what can i do to make it remmember the setting.

Open your registry with Start Menu -> Run -> regedit. Navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\General. Change the DWORD value AutoresizeWindows to 0.

thank you

i will try that

ok, i have done that but its still not what i expected.

what happens now is

Compilation, folder tree is wide every time i open nero and compilation takes about 60-70 of nero.

and File Browser folder tree is thin all the time.

so what i do is start nero, set the windows the way i like them, burn something, close nero, and next time its all screwed up again


What version are you using?

any one?

now i got .12