File types?

please somebody explain file types like mov mpg avi divx wmv mp4 xvid m4v flv 3gp asf rm rmvb mkv ogm svcd vcd and all that jazz.


That are all different video formats.

There you go slotcartrump here is a good Link about all that Jazz. :slight_smile:

does anybody have any intelegent or useful information?

I’m trying to download files from the internet of various formats.

If you don’t know what you are doing, start with wikopedia, and learn the terminology. Then do some reading at and get an idea on the steps and procedures for various video processing. Then come back here and we will be happy to answer more specific questions.

I thought this was a noob forum. My bad :cool:

What do you want to know about the different file types :confused:

how can they be categorized what programs go with what formats? I cant open files unless I know what they are compatable with. can any 2 be used by the same program? what will dvd fab read? what will media player read? and so on

Look here, This should get you started. Use wikipedia to answer your questions.

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Very good advise and right to the point information that you need to know for your question.

Rite :iagree: also will have information on filetypes you’re looking for. By the way, all those video formats are completely different from each other (while still remaining video files).

Try using MediaCoder to convert between the majority of audio and video files (free, too).

Thanks! I appreciate your efforts in answering my question and I’ll look into that program. :cool: