File-trading pressure mounts on ISPs

I just posted the article File-trading pressure mounts on ISPs. reports that more and more ISP’s will start tracking people that are on file-sharing networks and warn them or cut off their connection.

Record industries can’t even the handle the…

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This is totally fucked up. Jesus, when will they just leave us alone. Its just files not money.

It won’t matter, the harder they try to stop piracy the more there will be. People will just find different methods.

No, it’s not just files, its money too! Those companies have to pay to keep their bandwith up on the net and the more space that is consumed, the more money they have to spend to buy more storage and bandwith… I may be wrong but that’s just what I think.

Oh yeah, and approxiamtely 100 million bucks is lost to the warez channel every day. I contribute :d

lets go back to BBS’s

BBS’s w/ my Commy 64 C= !! Those were the dayz…! Can they cut your connection from a cable modem?

never if u use a file sharing service with encryption!! (holds also true for all other connections)

That is their problem… thay can fuck up! I don’t care is they can’t get their billion dollars! and they just use those moneys to buy sportcars! Maybe IF I sell games I can get my own sportcar too! :4

Freenet has it’s limits. Until there are more users willing to share drive space with the cloud it will be slow and unreliable. v0.3x is ok but radical changes are planned for v0.5 including performance, security, and API improvements. Check it out but it will be a while before it gets better.