File too large, won't fit on DVD....?

I just ran into a problem I’ve never seen before… I was trying to back up a copy of BlackDawn… I used dvd decrypter with AnyDVD running, then I used DVD2to1 to compress it and when it was done it said the file size was about 4284mb or something close to that but when I went to burn it using Nero it said the cpacity of the DVD is not sufficient or the file is to large to burn to this DVD… and listed the file saize as 4585 or something close to that… so then I tried again using dvd decrypter but this time selected the option" main movie files only" and used DVD2to1 and tried to burn and had the same outcome… don’t know why this file becomes too large when I go to burn it… I am using sony DVD 810 and have backed up numerous movies with no setbacks until now… any input would be greatly appreciated…


Use DVD Shrink to reduce the size just a hair…then burn it…It does it by reducung the quality a little. Also, remove all french languages and subtitles etc…that will make it smaller without compressing it.