File too big use UDF mode

i dragged down a 2gig avi file and nero ask me to use udf mode !

i also have some normal 350mb files (avi)(xvid) which i`m also burning w/ it

so i did a new compilcation dvd-rom(udf)

there is also a udf/iso option !

what should i use

also there is a partition type udf and file system !

what should i use … these are normal data disc which i might also put in my xbox and use xbmc to play

uptil now i was using iso mode (the first one)

for video files use UDF 2.0 at least
the connection partition type/file syze is a dif subject FAT32 can go up to 2 or 4 GB depending on sector size NTFS can breake the 4 GB barrier (suppose you are using win, because in Linux, Unix, BSB or Macs there are dif names)

For files bigger than 2GB in size, UDF Filesystem is necessary!!

i get what you guys are sayin but its not very clear to me still !

udf has physical/virtual/sparing partition
file system = 1.02/1.50/2.00/2.01

physical and 1.02 are default !

i just want to burn a data disc so me or any one else w/ a dvdrom can read it

should i leave them as default ? (as agomes said to keep the video files as 2.0 version but what i`m copyin is a data disc avi does that counts in it too?)and burn the dvd as only UDF format not just the UDF/ISO(my os is winxp and ntfs is my file system)

i also have some files below 2gb ( 350mb to be exact ) so which one should i choose

UDF 1.02 is the best FS you can get for DVD.

Thanks for the info Chef, as a matter of fact looking around I got the indication about 1.02.
My previous experience was with the Pana RANdriver and they indicate 2.0 for video, as you can see if you open this link:

and have a look ar the base of the first table (page 2 of the article).
Its a prob with all these formats intended to be “universal” and we discover that is not the case and sometimes newer versions can’t even read the previous ones and all the other backward compatibility probs.
They don’t even make a ref to 1.02 and their tool just formats FAT 1,5 and 2.0 (mayne newer than the mine can also do 2.01, I don’t know).

well and which partition type to choose (i`m assuming to let it be default)