File too big to burn dvd

I keep getting the message that my dvd is
too large to burn. I went to compression
setting and clicked on automatic and also
clicked off everyting I didn’t need. Still too large. What do i do?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you provide more details? :eek:

What software are you referring to? What is the dvd contents? Is it a video disc (vob or avi or mkv or…) or data?

I’m using dvd shrink, the file that i’m trying toburn is the office (180 min.) video disc

If you have to compress a dvd-video that large, you should use a different program than DVDShrink. Assuming you have this dvd decrypted and on the hard drive already, you can reduce the size using a free program called DVDRebuilder.

You can find the free version here:
It requires Net 2.0 and AviSynth to work, but AviSynth is included in the full package. DVDRebuilder will be much slower than Shrink, but produces better quality on large dvds.