File too big for burn in nero?



hi all,
i have converted several movies from avi to dvd using " winavi", i then burn using nero and 90% of time am successful.
most file lenghs are approx 1.4 gig.and are listed as a vob file.

i have recently come across files which have been converted by "winavi"and have come out at as vob.01.2.4gig in lengh.

nero refuses to burn as the file is too big it claims.

having changed the settings in winavi to make 3 equal vob files i end up with the following.

vob-1 2.4gig
vob-119 1.1g
vob-120 1.1g
vob-121 0.2g

desperatley in need of help these are just plain and simple movies such as “meet the fockers” etc etc

have now tried nerovision to do the converting and burning but after 9 hours i end up with a coaster.

ty to everyone for all the help in the past

ron (makapa0


Since it seems that you have Nero, just use Nero Recode (that is the one you need) and shrink them a little more so that they will fit on a DVD-5.



U wanna try using DVD Shrink and DVD Decryptor. Can PM me if you need help. Glad to provide assistance to my best abilities.