File to mobile vob source aspect ratio bugs

I have several vob files - origianlly made using vob passthrough with dvdfab.

I am now testing file to mobile option on them and none are giving correct aspect ratio options.

all vob are reported by gspot as 720 x 480.

test 1. 3 x 4:3 aspect files, from same source DVD . fab wants to output them as 416x480 ! impossible to set a correct option.

test 2. 4:3 again,3 vob files from another source dvd. fab offers 720 x512 but not 720 x 480 , and it defaults to something lower.

test3 16:9 dvd source

vob ( gspot) 720 x 576 16:9 sar 1.25 par 1.422 dar 1.778

vob to avi convert at default settings.
looks awful

avi (gspot) 720 x 512 both 16:( and 4:3 are now greyed out.
sar 1.406 par 1.0 dar 1.406

this vob was made from source dvd using an older version of dvdfab

now I revert to the source dvd & to dvd to mobile.option
fab now correctly says source is 16:9 & offers to convert to 640 x 354. i can force it to convert to various 700+ horizonal sizes eg : 704, 753, 752, 768… I CANNOT force it to 720 which is the actual source width !!!

so whatever I do it’s seems I cannot create a simple AVI which preserves original dimensions -
either via dvd to mobile or via 2 step of vob passthrough then file to mobile.

how come ?