File to Mobile Problems With

I could not select files with earlier DVDFab 6 versions. Now I can select files; but, DVDFab closes unexpectedly and will not finish the process. There are so many options to go through to see what is causing the problem; so I haven’t finished that yet.

Couldn’t find any other thread on this so thought I would start by asking …

Is anyone else having problems with File to Mobile?

If yes, is it with all input file type, output file types?

Hi Gods Boss,

Will all your files cause crash or just specific file?

Please tell us the file name which causes the problem, thanks.

Best Regards,

Thankyou so much for responding. The File to Mobile function makes DVDFab quite a product, congratulations.

The crash occurs on all files. I am using all default values and experimenting by changing one at a time; this will take ages.

I have used the Crash report facility and sent all data.

… now its started working on every file type; and, I dont know what I did???[/B]