File to Mobile: NO AUDIO?



Hi Forum Members,

I’m looking for a little help with Fab’s File to Mobile option; the problem is that there is no audio with any of my converted video files.

The program does confirm that the process was “successfully completed”, and playback of the converted files (for the most part) is possible, but there’s still no audio output. I tried different software players, all no audio playback: WMP, VLC, MPC. On my mobile device, a Cowon D2+, the file will not play at all.

I’ve experimented with numerous “generic” and “to AVI” settings, uninstalled and reinstalled (“semi-clean” uninstall via Revo Uninstaller), still no sound! I even encountered a strange system problem caused by one of the converted files. My CPU meter suddenly shot up and stayed pegged at 100%, then Windows Explorer crashed and had to restart when attempting to access (and later delete) one of the .avi files.

I don’t think that there is a problem with the source file either as I have successfully converted the same .mp4 file to an .avi with two other free video converters that are in my arsenal, in both cases without a problem. Sound was there, playback on my mobile device works fine.

So what the heck am I doing wrong with DVDFab’s File to Mobile? From what I can see, the option has great features and would be just the thing if it would only work correctly on my system.

Any suggestions or feedback would be really appreciated!



NOTE: My File to Mobile license is as a “Trial User”, expiring on Jan 05, 2010. Is the trial version maybe crippled in some way?
I do have a life-time license for DVD to DVD and DVD to Mobile. Both of these options work great and I’ve never encountered any “serious” problems with them before. :slight_smile: