File to Mobile & File Mover

Hi, I am a long time customer of DVDFab. I started with DVDFab Express and then upgraded with a fee to Platinum. Now with the recent changes, I am now running My question is, when did I lose the right to the file to mobile and file mover features? This was part of platinum newer versions. Now my DVDFab program shows these as trial Only. At this time the only never expire listed is for DVD to DVD. Can anyone or Alan explain why I lost this feature as an inclusion to my original software payment and upgrade payment to Platinum??

Did you go here and get the 6x all-in-one key?

File Mover was not included in the older versions of DVDFab but as an add in that could be bought. Now if you upgraded to Platinum before the new fees and Charges came in to effect then you should have DVD to DVD and DVD to Mobile lifetime license but File mover is not part of platinum and never was. DO what Jethro said and retrieve the key