File to Mobile DRV-MS Support

I have about 2TB of movies ripped using DVDfab, then converted to DVR-MS format with VideoReDo. These are then compatible with all of our media extenders, Xbox360s…etc. when served thru Windows Media Center. To save space after the conversion, I delete the VOBs and just keep the DVR-MS.

I needed to convert the DVR-MS format to mobile…Zune, PSP, Cell Phones…etc. and purchased the “File to Mobile” option. This does not seem to work although it loads the DVR-MS file eventually. It starts the conversion and then the status bar goes blank…keeps running indefinitely with no change to the output file size. I upgraded to and it will not even load a DVR-MS fileso backed down to

DVD to Mobile works fine, but I’d like to not keep the VOBs or have to stick the DVD back into the drive.