File system error (16389). help please!

Hi, I hope some one can help me.
I have a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-4163B LG drive. I upgraded its firmware from a102 to a105 using a driver updater program. the drive seems to read ok, but when I tried to back up some of my music on to a dvd using xp’s own drag and drop writting it came up with
“unable to create the folder “newfolder” File system error (16389).”
I cant find my nero disc so i havnt tried that yet, but it didnt use to say that before the firmware upgrade.
Im sorry if this may be in the wrong section…
anyideas and help would be appreciate it…

I know about cable tv…

Disable that built-in known-to-be-problematic tool and try with a NERO TRIAL or another real burning prog.

thats for the reply,