File swf protetti

come si possono aprire con macromedia 5? c’è un sistema per spoteggerli od altro?


FlashRipper is a tool used either to remove the import protection from Macromediaâ„¢ Flash movies (.swf files), or to extract an .swf file from a Macromediaâ„¢ Flash Projector. Version 1.1r now works with Windoze Projectors too.

  • Protected Flash movies cannot be re-imported into Flash, which is very disappointing if you want to use or copy some elements of a movie created by someone else. And importing Flash movies into Flash is useful to view the contents of the _level0 variables using the debugger …

  • If you installed Macromediaâ„¢ Flash Player, you don’t need the Player which is included in Flash Projectors. Why not throw away the included one, convert the Projectors to Movies and get rid of about 400kB ?