File-swapping sites multiply despite legal tangles

I just posted the article File-swapping sites multiply despite legal tangles.

An article on mentions a new survey by U.S. technology firm Websense Inc., showing that the number of peer-to-peer sites went up 535% in the past year.

The number of…

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Well, I saw the TV version of this report this morning. For a ‘news’ outlet, CNN appeared woefully uninformed. Perhaps unremarkably, the report was totally one-sided. It ignored the legal, economic and political issues implicated by the advent of P2P software and content industry efforts to destroy it. Good journalism is supposed to provide ‘balanced’ coverage of news stories, isn’t it? Here’s an example: Without any qualification or evaluation, CNN’s report accepted a statement from an IFPI spokesman that ‘numerous’ file sharing PROGRAMS counted ‘over a million’ users at any one time. This statement is inaccurate. Only one file sharing NETWORK (involving a group of programs) has over a million users. IFPI was the organization blaming piracy for all of the music industry’s problems about 2 weeks ago. The organization was the only entity quoted during the piece.