File-swapping case may break new ground

I just posted the article File-swapping case may break new ground..

As stated earlier the EFF is going to support Music City, Kazaa and Grokster against the RIAA suit that was brought forth.

"Indeed, software developers are watching the MusicCity suit with…

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lets see them TRY to jail 10mil plus people :slight_smile: The second they go after the average user… OOPS can you say no more cd buying

…and even IF they should start targeting Normal “swappers”(which is HIGHLY unlikely) there’ll always be great alternatives available…obviously they’ve never heard of IRC and “Pubs”… then again, they do act like drunks so :d

“Thus, the suit raises a question of software distributors’ liability” If that’s true every gun manufacturer and even car companies could be held responsible for all the illegal thing done with their products: sounds like bull$#!t to me… :r