File Structure on Burned DVD-R?

Hi all,

I’m new to backing up DVD’s and the forum. I just got my writer (106D) and media (Ritek G04) this week, and have a new DVD player (C505) on the way because my Tosh 3109 is too outdated to read DVD-R’s and such. I’ve made a couple DVD’s so far, and aside from the first coaster I made, I’ve had success with the others playing on my computer.

I’m good to go so far with ripping, compression, authoring, etc. I have the mastering software for making burns too, but I have a newb question about something because I cannot test the DVD’s I’ve made for compatibility/playability in a component player until my C505 arrives.

I couldn’t really come up with a good search to find the answer, but here goes. Very simply, I’m wondering what the final file structure should look like on my DVD-R’s such that a stand alone HT component can read them with no fuss. Should there be only a TS_VIDEO (with the vob’s etc) and TS_AUDIO (each one has been empty so far) folder and that’s it? Or should the burned files be arranged in some other configuration such that a stand alone player will read them properly?

If someone could direct me to a screenshot of what you see on the disc after it’s been burned, that would be great! Or even explaining it should be fine I’m sure. I am ripping with decrypter, compressing and authoring with dvdshrink, and burning witn RNM atm. I’m open to suggestions on s/w for burning too, but I was hesitant to put Nero back on the machine as it does not seem to play along well with RNM.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

i think u mean VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS, and yes, that’s all u need in the way of structure. the AUDIO_TS folder is typically empty; i’ve never seen a dvd for myself that had anything in that folder.