File still too big for Decrypter after using DVD Shrink

Hello everyone,
I shrunk my movie Step into Liquid but it said that the file was too big to
be burned. I did it anyways and DVD Decrypter was not able to copy the movie onto a new DVD. Is there a way to compress it even more? I did what the instructions suggested: compression set at automatic, but did not know how to turn off unnecessary audio streams? What is an audio stream anyways?

Thank you guys,

To turn out unnecessary stream simply uncheck them in dvd shrink.

Anyway you can also shrink another time an already shrinked movie.

An audio stream is the sound. Generally I only take the the Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC3) & uncheck the rest. These are in the compression settings tab after you’ve double clicked the main title.

What size was the output from Shrink anyway?

Geno is right. Just reshrink the shrink. Had to do that a couple of times, with compression / shrink on auto. Second time it fit very nice. :iagree: