File splitting without permission



Well i’ve been using DVDFab for a few days now (amazing program :D) and it was easy to seperate alot of episodes on on a disc like my family guy boxed set instead of getting them all as one file which some other programs do but then i tryed to Rip Casino Royale it turned it into like 4 files even though i told it to make in into 1 can anyone help?


Is the output set to go to a Fat32 partition?


I have no idea what that is



Having the same problem on a NTFS partition on Vista 64 Ultimate. Could REALLY use some help as I’ve been having this happen with multiple DVDs, even when I don’t tell it to extract the subtitles at all.




DVDFab (when using one of the DVD to DVD modes) always writes the output VOB files in 1GB chunks for highest compatibility with DVD players. The VOB Passthrough option under DVD to Mobile will write a single VOB but does not include IFO/BUPs or other DVD-like structure or features. If you need DVD structured VOBs with matching IFOs you can process the VIDEO_TS folder with DVDShrink set (in Edit->Preferences->Output Files) not to split the VOBs (NTFS for large movies). This is not generally recommended, which I think is why it is not supported by DVDFab.


Yeah… Except I’m not doing VOB Passthrough or anything else. Mobile Generic H.264 Audiocopy AVI with the bitrate maxed out, framerate, audio and volume set to “same as source”, no subtitles, results in a 5GB file and a 100MB file, when it should end up being about a single 3.5GB file…




hi, drmacinyasha

results in a 5GB file and a 100MB file, when it should end up being about a single 3.5GB file…

You now can get two files? the generic file split function now is temporary disable, how can you get two files?

and looks your another problem is the output file is not same as estimate size ?


All I know, is that I used these settings:

But got this:

When I just want one file. :confused:


easy fix…


And that would be…?



looks strange, which version is your using, I will do a test tonight, but only use other source, because I have not “WANTED”, I think this is not the problem of the source.

ok, please check the new version. :slight_smile:


Ripping now with the latest version, and is it just me, or is the OneCD/TwoCD split feature gone from Generic DVD To Mobile?