File Size?



First of all, Thanks for all of the quality information on this forum about DVD ripping. I was able to rip first time out.

As a soldier, I’m about to deploy to Iraq for 12-18 months. My plans are to spend my spare time in the next few weeks ripping DVDs as ISO file on my USB hard drive. I’ll be using DVD Shring and DVD Decrypter.

Both software allow me to set up custom sizes for the finished product. I was thinking that I can fit more Movies onto my hard drive If i decrease the ISO’s size.

So i guess my question: about how much smaller can I make my ISO and also maintain a pretty good quality? I’ll only be taking the main movies, not special features, etc.

Thanks in advance.


You might want to look at FairUse Wizard or RatDVD. I think they might be better suited to what you’re trying to achieve than DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink is designed mainly to create backups which will play in a standalone DVD player, I assume you’re going to use a PC to playback the movies since you mentioned a hard drive in which case you can take advantage of compression methods that DVD players generally can’t use (MPEG4, re-encoding the audio etc.).

I haven’t used RatDVD so I can’t comment but if you were encoding to an XviD AVI with FairUse then you can probably squeeze a movie down to 700MB (the largest filesize allowed by the free version) which will still look fairly reasonable on 19" screen, but it depends on how fussy you are.


Thanks, I appreciate your quick reply.


And all the best for your tour of duty.