File size okay, but burner problems

I downloaded in image file that, according to Nero, would take up 691 MB in Mode 1 (File size is 710,000 KB). Nero also says it can burn 703 MB in Mode 1. However, I’ve tried several times to burn a CD using the image file and every time my CD-ROM has told me there are no files on the CD even though it has 691 MB of data. :confused: Help! I doubt it’s a problem with my CD-RW drive because drives on my other computers read the disk the same way. I also realize that the image file itself could be corrupted, but I have no way of determining if that’s true.

I think the image is written in the wrong mode

What does that mean and can I fix it?

For some reason, it worked on Mode 1 RAW (Nero settings) as a foreign image file. I tried Mode 1 and Mode 2 (Which is automatically RAW) but not Mode 1 RAW for some reason. :o Thanks for helping Mr. Belvedere, sorry to have wasted your time!