File size is 44kbs !?!

Hi folks ,
im new here so i hope you can help…
My dad is recording his lp’s using EZCD 5.1 plat on a liteon 24x drive
he also has real player 1 installed on a win 98 machine.
now for the problem ----

goto his music dir - lots of wav filed music 34 meg 24 meg etc
open EZCD and drag in the audio files , press record and all seems good

when burning finished put cd into stereo then nothing happens,
put cd back into pc it plays

open cd and look at file properties, EACH file is 44 kbs in size ??

i looked through real player options and disabled the ezcd plugin and tried again ! SAME thing

He’s now wasted 20 cds trying to burn wav onto cd in wav format to play in a normal stereo

any suggestions cause im stumped ?

Ta in advance


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did you only record the shortcuts? although that seems a little big for shortcuts…maybe you mean 44.1 khz, as in the sampling rate? neways, make sure your cd player can even play copied cds, verify with a friends cd-rs. otherwise, i say dump ezcd, and get nero, as most forum readers would also say.

I suppose what Fraggy is looking at are .cda files. They are not actual data files but have info on the tracks on the CD.

As far as your recording problem is concerned, I’d suggest you use some other CD burning program and see if you get better results. Feurio would be my choice :slight_smile:

Try burning CDRWs first - save coasters - that is of course if your CD player supports CDRWs.

Also in Easy CD Creator did you choose the project as Data Project or Audio CD project? If the former is the case then you should have huge WAV files, which is not the case. So something’s definitely wrong here. To avoid such confusion, use a program desined to create Audio CDs - Feurio

Easy CD Creator is a good application for recording audio, particularly for beginners. I wouldn’t recommend Feurio for anyone who is not an advanced user. It would probably be more confusing than helpful.

If you recorded WAV files in the Audio CD Project, did you record in Track at Once with “Don’t Finalize Session” checked? If the disc is not finalized it will be unreadable in a standalone CD player, but the computer burner will recognize and play the tracks. If this is the case, go to Disc | Disc Information and if the session is not closed, click on Finalize Session and it will close the disc. It will then be playable on the CD player.

The preferred method of burning audio is to select all of your tracks/wave files and choose Disk at Once (and don’t select “Allow another recording”). This will record all of the selected tracks and close the session automatically. It also does not turn off the laser for 2 seconds between tracks as Track at Once does. Due to this 2 second interruption, TAO can have audible clicks or interruptions.

As ExpertTech mentioned, the small files that you are seeing are probably the CDA representations of the audio tracks. This is normal.

Yes, ECDC is the most intuitive CD Burning software you can get. Feurio may be a bit overwhelming for beginners. The problem as Inertia pointed out would be the CD not being closed.

Ok …sorry to get you lot confused…
Im not a techy phobe…
just my dad…

EZCD rocks…i wouldnt use anything else
yes ive closed the cd on numerous attempts…
i used audio cd creator to drag on the wav files from his stored music dir

the burn seemed to work as buff level was at 100% counting down the megs as you would normally expect…
The burn process looks complete but on the cd itself there is all the tracks but only 44 kbs in size ( each file )

if i play it through the pc it works great but in anything else it doesnt…
yes his stereo plays copies…ive been loading up his collection for sometime just ive never burnt form lp’s b4

Ta folks

P.S could Realplayer cause this problem ?

P.S could Realplayer cause this problem ?

Yes, it is quite possible that RealPlayer is causing the problem if you have the latest version that burns CD’s. This version contains a version of the Roxio burning engine that may be conflicting with the standard Easy CD Creator software.

I would uninstall the RealPlayer and see if it works properly without it.

Ta m8e…will do
if its no good i will whip a fresh copy of winda’s on…ill keep you lot posted on my findings
Thanks again to ALL who helped