File size dvdfab dvd to ipod

Two years ago, I got DVDFab 3 Platinum to transfer my dvd’s of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis to my 80 gig ipod classic. Not sure what generation ipod. I think it was the first one with video. Worked fine until one of the upgrades messed up dvd to mobile (random file sizes) and I switched to something else.

Well, now Stargate Atlantis Season 5 is out and the other program just crashes on it, so I downloaded the and tried setting it to the same settings I used before 640x360, 2 pass, volume 200%, audio bitrate 64, fixed file size 250.
No matter what video and audio bitrate or fixed filesize I set it to though, it comes out 593,504 KB
I even tried using the DVD to DVD option to copy the dvd to the hard drive first, and then use the copy on the hard drive as the source for the dvd to ipod so it wouldn’t have to do copy protection removal and convert to ipod, but no difference.
Is dvd to mobile still messed up or am I missing a setting that tells it to pay attention to fixed file size?

Well, I found a solution. I used dvdfab’s dvd to dvd to copy the 5 disks at 100% quality (DVD9). Then I used HandBreak to convert to ipod. Took a bit of tweeking (like picking stereo sound instead of the others listed and picking mpeg-4 (FFmpeg) insstead of the mpeg-xvid) but it worked great. Better actually as I could put all 20 episodes in a queue. I already had the dvd’s copied to the hard drive, so once I got the right settings for me, just had to pick the episodes off the drives and put a name for the mp4. Then just hit the encode button. When I wake up tonight, they should all be done.

Hi chuckcm
If you are viewing this only on the iPod, you might consider a smaller output frame size and 1-pass conversion. I am slowly working my way through the first 4 seasons of House and I rack up 8 at a time in DVDFab (from HDD folders) and it has worked well so far at 480x270, 1-pass, fixed bitrate and it looks great on PC or Archos. Takes just under two hours to do 8 episodes.