File sharings Top Ten favorite movie downloads

I just posted the article File sharings Top Ten favorite movie downloads.

brantdk used our news submit to tell us that is grabbing numbers from Big Champagne and creating one of those popular Top Ten lists. However, this one is for the illegal swapping…

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i bet they didn’t track those “bmf-ta.a.rar” kind of names :S
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cool, i’m proud to have been one of those 371,907 to get Ocean’s Twelve, without me, the figure wouldn’t be so impressive!

Harry potter 3, Spiderman 2, and Shrek 2 have been retail for a while now. It just goes to show which of the “already retailed” DVD’s are most liked. I found those three movies to be a among my favs, where as I’ve seen most of the others on these lists and wasn’t overly impressed. I did hear the incredibles was pretty good though.

Shame Ocean’s Twelve is only a cam version.

I may or may not have had it for several weeks now and if I had I still wouldn’t have watched it, even though I may or may not be an Arsenal supporter and the movie features several Arsenal-related scenes. Allegedly.

A lot of surprisingly old release there. BTW that Incredibles DVD screener is fab :wink:

I find it hard to beleive these numbers. Spiderman 2 has been out for months and still .5 million people downloaded it last week? Where do they get their data?