File-sharing stays flat but IFPI claims music industry is winning

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 Since the  first lawsuits were  filed against those who illegally share music over file sharing networks, around  20,000 lawsuits have been filed against suspect users across 17 countries. ...
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seriously, where DO they get their statistics from ?!

20,000 lawsauits yeah right, how many actually got served and prosecuted thats the main statistic. They can keep dreaming that they are winning, what a joke :d

If there is any decrease in P2P it has got to be based on the increasing amount of crap produced by the industry. This alone would seems to be enough to deter P2P music sharing. If the industry really intends to stop piracy they are on the right track…just keep turning out crap product and music and soon no one will want to waste the bandwidth except for the few who will keep cracking protection just to drive the watchdogs crazy. I have stopped buying music produced by RIAA members, due to the jackbooted methods used by the industry and I hope others follow suit. It is incredible how much great music is available from independents who actually allow you to sample music before you buy. It is amazing how great it is not wasting my money on half functioning “CDs” or low quality music. It feel even better knowing Im not supporting industry members who have done so much to poison the music scene and screw customers and artist.

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“At the moment, the music industry is also considering whether to sue the ISPs themselves if they do not deal with its customers who break copyright law.” How about, suing the States, which’s citizens break the law. “10% of your state’s citizens download our intellectual property from p2p, and you aren’t doing enough to stop it. So here’s the ticket for the court-ride” or Maybe they could just sue the whole government. :+ …

Actually as the USA governs the internet and controls it I suggest that everyone in the world who wants to sue over internet piracy sue the USA for every penny it earns.