File sharing network Grokster: Lawsuit good for business

I just posted the article File sharing network Grokster: Lawsuit good for business.

It seems to be one of the hobbies of the RIAA, find a file sharing network and sue them. Sueing is a hobby of the RIAA anyway, but they seem to prefer file sharing networks at this moment. Now you…

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How can the RIAA shut Grokster down? They don’t have a central server like Napster did right? If it did wouldn’t it of already gotten shut down just like Napster did in July 2001? Is’nt Grokster just a program that you download files directly from other users hard drives? If though somehow the RIAA can shut down the service, just move it to a different country where they don’t have copyright laws or they don’t enforce them.

DoMiN8ToR: You are kinda right… if a court finds them guilty of copyright violations [including the enabling thereof] the court can attach damages to the profits and when penalized, the RIAA will take the profits… Its akin to a murderer writing a book and profiting from the pain and suffering of others. Certain states make it so that profits go to the victims of the crime. The RIAA is the same way, they represent the record studios/labels/distributors, and sue on their behalf. Its a union of the music industry really.

Wolverine is right, they really can’t shut the network down. They can shut down Grokster, but all that will mean is that no-one will be making advertising revenues, and no-one will be further developing the Grokster software. But since there are no central servers, except for the ad pushing portion, the network would survive, as long as there are people running it. Now with the open source p2p networks, (such as eMule) this is even more impossible, since there isn’t a company as such to sue. You would have to go after the individual users.

A promising P2P - “The Six/Four System” check out the info on this system of undetectable file sharing! :wink:

Sorry, I gave the wrong website, here’s the correct one:

I read that site about Six/Four, and it says it is coming out in a few weeks. When is that information dated though? It does not give a date on the website.

Though the site is not dated, the app has not come out yet. When it does it will be posted for download. We’ll just have to keep checking back. :wink:

Maybe this site will help to explain some!,3959,919681,00.asp

This is the same site just a shorter version! :wink:

quote: ‘According to Rosso, Grokster advertisers include the U.S. Air Force’ how is this possible? on the one hand the US government uses Grokster for its own purposes, on the other hand it provides for laws (DMCA) to close it down. And besides, how could Grokster be closed? I thought they are situated outside of the US, somewhere in Singapure, or some other asian country. Has the US such a long arm to reach them?