File sharing has no influence on cd sales

A new study proofs that file sharing has no influence on cd sales.


i have to say the stuff i download is the stuff i would never buy anyway, even if i couldnt download it, so although i only scanned that document i can guess from what you said you are probably right, if i feel something is worthy of my money i will pay. also alot of the songs i dload for my dad for exapmle are songs he already owns in record format so downloading them at 160 - 192 kbps mp3 that somebody has ripped from a cd release of the album is better that messing about recording them onto the pc from the record and he already owns the song so why should he have to pay again for the cd version?

did anyone actually finsih reading this?

it’s a good paper… but i kind of slacked off…:slight_smile:

got past the title and realised how long it was and decided to imagine what it said! and then agree with it!:iagree:
i will take a more detailed look later