File Sharing and Trading !?

I just started using some softwares for files trading (WinMX, Filetopia, morpheus) but it is too slow because mostly of the times there are a fill peoples getting files from the same computer user. Is there any way of exchanding files private between 2 users? Any other software I should try ??

Thanks everone for the imput…

by the way, I have DSL.

Well if you just want to exchange files between users, try the simple filetransfers from icq or DCC it :slight_smile:

I use KaZaA and E Donkey mostly, cause they are easy to use :slight_smile:
But Morpheus is just a KaZaA RiP OFF :frowning: Which suxx big time,
Samp2k you write that u have DSL and it goes slow ? Hmm that’s odd cause I have Cabel and I thought that my connection was bad my friend is using E Donkey and he leeches about 3-5 movies a day with that connection…


You should have used the search and you would have found that this question (poll even) has been posted before…

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