File-Sharing and CD burning remain steady in 2002

I just posted the article File-Sharing and CD burning remain steady in 2002.

A report of the research firm Ipsos shows that
Americans continued their file-sharing and CD burning activities last year, and teens continued to download music from file-sharing networks in…

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I would bet that just about every teenager in high school(99.99999999999999%) has atleast downloaded a copyrighted MP3 before. I would say that atleast 90 % of teenagers download MP3s on a regular basis. I would also say that atleast half of teens copy and trade CDs with each other.

Pretty much everybody I’ve spoken to doesn’t see anything really wrong with downloading Music without purchase, although some download to try before purchase (like me) About 1/3 told me that it benefits artists as they want to encourage more people to go to their concerts and this is one way to do it. Only one person I know of does not like piracy at all and will even refuse if possible to record a track from CD to tape or even rip it on to a PC. I couldn’t figure out why until someone told me: He’s the owner of a record shop. Oops…