File sharers move from BitTorrent to eDonkey and Gnutella

I just posted the article File sharers move from BitTorrent to eDonkey and Gnutella.

  In  the never ending game of Whack-a-Mole, recent action taken against  illegal filesharing has sent the BitTorrent crowd eDonkey! It seems  that the MPAA has put a lot of...
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No!!! Not eDonkey! eMule !!!

Luckily DOWNLOADING still is legal over here in Holland… :slight_smile:

emule uses the edonkey network.

:B God Bless Holand and Razor:S

Bittorrent is awesome! You start getting downloads almost straight away. I use Emule too, but you sometimes have to wait ages before the download starts and it doesn’t keep going right to the end of the file. Stick with bittorrent for large files guys…

Unfortunately, emule/edonkey is just as unsafe as BT. You can check for yourself by DL the Neomule mod. With this mod, you can see any user’s IP address, just as easily as on BT. This means they can go after individuals just the same. The only anonymous p2p are Mute and Ants. Mute is easier to setup, and has some mods. The only thing missing are users… There just aren’t enough files there. But if they go after the mule, you know where to turn to…

…don’t foget about WASTE :wink:

Yes, I know! I would rather promote the Open Source eMule client though…