File recovery

Can any one suggest a good and free file recovery program, that is less than 2Mb?

take a look at isobuster

That recovers deleted files on your hard drive.

Sorry, I misunderstood

been looking for the same thing myself but I’ve given up, couldn’t find any free program that does this, although I might be a lousy searcher…

FreeUndelete 757 kb

Restoration 161 kb

The best all around FREE file recovery app is PC Inspector but it is over 5 mb

I there one for images?

Any one that works for general files (such as the three linked above) will also allow you to restore your mistakenly deleted pr0n :stuck_out_tongue:

I there one for images?

as allready noted anyone of the above links should work for recovering your images but there are a few apps that specialize in image recovery.

Typically these apps are designed to recover images from digital camera memoery, flash memory cards, etc.

then a lousy searcher I am, thanks all for great links.