File reallocation failed after DVD split

After splitting a DVD, Nero pops a warning:
“DVD-video files reallocation failed. The resulting DVD-video might be unplayable. Do you want to continue?”

I run FixVTS and retry and it burns with no warnings.

This has happened with different DVD’s.

DVDFab Platinum

I use the “Burn DVD-Video files” option in Nero so I can add in any extras found on the original DVD.

Hi Efdizk

I have used the nero burning rom in DVDFab Platinum many times :bigsmile:
and have never been given an option for “Burn DVD-Video files” you must be using nero by it’s self to do the burn and if so the problem is not with DVDFab BUT with nero .


Yes, I’m using Nero by itself (version, It’s more flexible that way, as I can add in other files from the original DVD (jacket folder, multimedia extras, etc.), I also have Nero do file verification after burning.

Hello again Efdizk

Then if you are using nero by it’s self then the problem IS with NERO and not DVDFab soooo why post this problem in the DVDFab forum and NOT the nero forum , where I think you would get more help on this issue :bigsmile: .


The reason being that I’d never encountered this problem until updating DVDFab, so I naturally thought the problem was with DVDFab. If the problem is with Nero, then I’ll have to figure it out in that end, but I had to start somewhere and event as they are, this seemed the logical place to start.

No problem I was just asking that all


A poster in another thread reported this same problem when Nero was selected as the burn engine in DVDFab; he reselected VSO burn engine in DVDFab and it burned the title fine. Add/arrange the extras using Customize mode and keep it all in the Platinum envelope.
/EDIT/ Here is a link to the other post I mentioned.

Thanks signals
I checked & VSO was already selected, I’ll try the customized mode suggestion.

Please post the results: may help others with the same problem.:slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out how to do it, I split the title, now trying to add the “JACKET_P” folder, often DVD’s have flash or “DVD-ROM” extras, I like to keep that sort of stuff so I have the complete DVD.

You said to use the “customize” option, you mean in the left menu (under “split”)? I can’t seem to see what I need to do.

If you want everything that’s on the disc, you need to use Clone mode. The other modes only copy the video material. Clone will tell you if your material will not fit on a single layer disc (most recent movies won’t).

That’s why I use split mode, so I don’t lose quality, and then I copy all the extra materials onto disc 1, unless there’s not enough room, then I put them on disc 2.

Maybe they’ll add a “Disc won’t fit on DVD5, would you like to clone in split mode?” or a customized split option where you can add in the extra bits.

This is a recent development, I’ve been doing this for a few years now, splitting with DVDFab & burning with Nero (not with DVDFab using the Nero engine) with no problems.

For all I know it could be a software conflict causing it, I hope to sort it out before too long, might be after my next HDD format though. hehe

Thanks for your input. I’m trying VSO’s CopytoDVD now, so far it’s burning.