File priority?

Im using Nero 5.5, and Im going burn a data cd, I have two large files about 200mb each and a small text file. I’m wondering what is file priority? (in compilation window: right clicking the file, and selecting file properties, a windows dialog will show a drop down list of low, medium, and high priority) I’ve consulted Nero help and there’s no info about file priority

I have read some other web page that the file priority will change where the files will be burn. For example by setting it low, the file will be burned nearest to the center and high at edge of disc, is this correct?

Any advice on where small and large files should be placed in cdrs?

This is correct. The significance is that files at the outer edge of a CD/DVD can be read approximately 2½ times faster than files at the inner edge.

So if you need to read back some files faster than others from a CD/DVD you can give a a high priority when burning.

Unfortunately the outer edge of a disc will often also be the first to develop reading problems if something happens to the disc, so the same files would then be the first to become dificult/impossible to read.