File Page settings for two 120gig hdd's?!

yes i need some info/help on how much i should set the page file for on C:

and would i need to have it on both drives or only on the drive with the OS.

the drives are not raid…and they both have 8mb cache and 7200 rpm

Let Windows automatically assign the size but set the initial size to the maximum size. It’s normally 1.5x physical memory. Keep it on the C drive. I had problems when I assigned mine to drive D as when that failed I was unable to load windows. At least with what I knew then.

The only way to gain an advantage with paging file is to place it on a separate physical drive that is not in use when the paging file is needed. The gains are small in any case. Your money and effort are better spent by installing more RAM.

Also make sure your file is not fragmented. Post back if you need assist in defragmenting the file.

thanks for the input !!