File not availiable in backup folder?!

I did a back up of my My Documents folder (files and subfolders included) because I bought some new drives. Got the drives installed, went to restore the backup, and I get

“the file ‘<file name>’ is not availiable in the backup folder. Please select the parent of the backup folder.”

Now, all the backup files ARE there, and even if I point the file box to the file, it still can’t find it. I can manually restore them, but I have so many videos and pictures and music that it will take for freaking ever to restore like that. Is this fixable? What the hell is wrong with BackItUp?

I am not sure if this will help you, but I was able to solve the problem you discribed.

I looked at the backup file that was created when I did the backup, which was named as the following:


In my case, I had backed up my c and d drive to a backup directory on my d drive as backup (thus d:\backup). The above nbi file was in my d:\backup directory and inside a sub directory was my c and d sub directory. Thus my d:\backup directory looked like this:

in d:\backup was 20052710_193622_tom.nbi

as a sub directory in d:\backup was the following:


and within the 20052710_193622_tom sub directory was my c and d directory will all of the compressed files and sub directories that were created when the backup was first performed.

Thus I had to re-create a directory called backup on the d dirve and all of the sub directories like you see above.

Once I re-created the directory structure that was used to do the original backup, I then attempted a small restore to another location (in my case, I did it to c:\restore). And presto, the restore worked. Before that, I just had the d:\backup directory, along with the nbi file and a d sub directory and the compressed backup contents stored in the d sub directory.

Thus what I am saying to get around my error (The file ‘file name’ is not available in hte backup folder. Please select the parent of your backup folder) was to create a sub directory in my d:\backup directory that matched the name of the nbi file without the file extension. I was kind of lucky in that I could remeber where I did the backup to (in my case d:\backup).

If you can remember where you had your backup files and the nbi related sub directory, you can get around this error. I hope this helps, as I had been pounding my head against the door trying to figure this one out.

Edward Letendre.

fogot to mention i had to also copy the actual back up folder to the same folder i was restoring. Nero need a .dll file to run the decompression/restore software.

took me like 4 hours to get this crap figured out, could not have done it without this blog. Now i can bill my client about 500.00 for a completed data rcovery for a back up system that i set up years ago.

I am currently having the same problem with Vista. Used MS Backup and Restore Center. Had a disk drive crash but had time to save files but this program doesn’t save programs. I didn’t have the room to do a complete system backup.

Anyway…I’m trying to restore the files and the program shows the file but says the file location is not available. I’ve moved this backup file everywhere and get the same message.

File location (G:) Book/Brenda-PC/Backup Set 2009-02-01 011218/Backup Files 2009-02-01 0112218/Backup Files 1 (through 780 compressed zip files)

File location (G:) Book/Brenda-PC/Backup Set 2009-02-01 011218/Catalogs/GlobalCatalog

File location (G:) Book/Brenda-PC/MediaID.bin

All files dated 2/1/2009. Yep. Been without data for 24 days!!!

Using the Backup & Restore Center, I have to use restore advanced or I can’t even see it, it finds the different drives it could be on. I select the external hard drive BOOK and it shows the file name but with the message “Backup location is not available”.I’ve copied this file to C; system hard drive. Same answer.; to D drive which is a 2nd hard drive where I ahve made a back up but haven’t tried to restore it. I’m chicken.

Any help? I’m ready to give up my first born.


I have no idea who those smiley faces showed up.

If they are just zip files don’t use the windows backup/restore. You should be able to unzip them with any zip program.