File Names and Volume label


If I archive (Compress into a *.rar file for example) a set of files with file names longer than what Nero allows, will the files inside the archive stilll have their file names truncated?

Also, is there anyway to get a longer volume label name?

Lastly, is there any other stable burning software that allows longer file names than Nero?


Edit: I forgot to mention, my Nero version is the latest 5.5 build, and am using a Sony DRU510A under Windows XP SP2.

Limitations on volume label names. A volume label can contain as many as 32 characters for NTFS volumes and as many as 11 characters for FAT volumes and can include spaces but no tabs.

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Ah, so there’s no way around the volume label limitation. What about the file names though?


It varys per application. IE Window folders have a max name length of 203, where WinRaR files have a name length of 179.

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