File name corruption with Nero 5 & 6

When creating a new audio CD, I drag filenames from the file browser into the area where they are assembled for the new CD. Some file names are corrupted. 2 examples:

  1. If filename contains an apostrophe (’), then all characters before the ’ are lost. This happens every time. For instance “Goin’ to the Zoo” becomes “to the Zoo”.
  2. Some names containing only text and spaces, break at the space and only the second word copies across. This only happens occaisonally. For instance “Daily News” becomes “News”.
    Both of these are real examples.
    All files are .wav files and the files themselves copy perfectly and play normally. Its only the name that is corrupted.
    I didn’t used to have this problem, it then appeared in Nero5. I tried upgrading to Nero6 hoping it would fix, but no luck.
    Appreciate any ideas as to what’s going on. Tx.

I started having the same problem in version 5 and mine are wma files, 6 does the same thing. Problems like this are why I left EZCD Creator 3 for Nero 4 years ago. I guess it is time for someone else to make a simple robust burning app like nero of old.

I did not have the problem with Nero 5, had it with Nero 6 and reverted to Nero 5 and now have identical symptoms to yours with Nero 7. Did you ever get it sorted? Tx