File joiner

Any one that can suggest a good free file joiner, for mpg, mpeg files. I have some personeal DVD and I imported them into my computer, but the program broke up the files into 100 little files. I want to join them back up.

Any info anyone can provide would be great.

Thanks and take care

:eek: which software did you use to import movies on your computer? Check if there is a setting to not split into segments.

Take a look here: some of shown tools are free :slight_smile:

I am using Nero Vision 4. The software came with my burner. I can’t seam to find any setting changes. I found a file joiner but the program still breaks up the files.

Any help would be great.

Take care

hmm… Do you have your hard disc formatted in FAT or FAT32 file system? If yes, this explain why files are splitted: FAT doetsn’t supports files larger than 1 GB if I remember correctly.

I think you can do it in Windows by using “copy /b”, but I’m not running Windows right now. Open up a terminal window (in Windows) and type “copy /?”.

If this works, I would combine the first 10 files into “file-a”, the next 10 into “file-b”, and so forth. Then type a command that combines “file-a”, “file-b”, “file-c”, etc.

I think the MS-DOS “concatenate” command was left out of Windows 95, 98, and all later versions. I always thought Microsoft was very evil for leaving this out. But maybe they gave me the ability to do this all along with “copy /b”, and I did not read the manual?

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