"File is use by another"

I recently downloaded an avi file off Kazaa which not only does not work, but I cannot seem to delete it. I’ve tried rebooting several times, but constantly end up with the error message that the file is in use by another program.

Any advice on how I can get rid of this little problem?

Thanks guys-

try shuting some programs down then delete the file

I did try that. And also the reboot should have taken care of that. Nothing running on boot has any association to this file. Yet it refuses to go away.

Hmm try right clicking on the file and see what the attibutes are.
Try also removing out the check marks to see if you change them.

And what os are you running??. Kazaa might have part of the file stuck in a temp folder or wherever you have your downloads go to.

Let us know if you get it deleted.

Windows has a notorious habit about not letting files go if they are “in use” when you know they are not.


I tried unchecking and any and all configurations of the check marks in right click/properties. Everything on the file appears to be normal.

In my kazaa folder the file is showing as done, and all the unfinished temp files match correspondingly with other files that are still dling. I’ve had this happen before but usually a reboot will do it.

I’m running Windows XP. Couldn’t find anything on the microsoft website about this that was of any use surprise surprise


Open up Notepad and type

del “filename.avi”

then save the file as watever.bat - then run this bat file and it should delete the file.

Try taking those checkmarks out.

Oh by the way are you trying to watch the .avi while it is still coming in?? If you are, and close it and cant delete it, Mediaplayer might still have control over it.

Can you see it in the task manager (ctrl-alt-delete) look for wmplayer and try closing wmp…

before I try this… does it not need to know the path to which that file is on? or is that all it has to say?

Tried all variations of the checkmarks already… no go.

I had tried to run the file in media player, but it had an error. That was before several reboots, and media player doesn’t automatically boot up on my system… so after I reboot it’s not in the taskmanager at all, neither is anything else that could be using this file. And Kazaa is not running either, so it’s nothing thru there…

Ok this is odd…
All this time Kazaa was definitely not running or booted.

So I load kazaa… go to My Kazaa where you do integrity ratings and such and deleted the file from there. That did it right away.

Thanks for all your help guys… I’m new to this forum, but check it religously now, always help and always fast.



Cool, Thats whats everybody comes here for - HELP!!.

Glad we could help you.

A little remark on this one. As you can read here, it can be quite a hassle to find a way to delete such a file. There’s one tool that help you out easily, if you know how to work it: DOS. Boot dos from a floppy/CDROM and delete the file :).

If that don’t work (happened to me once), boot Knoppix (Linux that boots from a CDROM) and delete the file that way. Always worked fine for me, any problem solved within 10 minutes :slight_smile:

I have that once or twice in Windows XP ; usually with very large (above 500 megs) files. It seems that my virusscanner also likes to scan it thoroughly (although you don’t see any disk activity).

Disabling the virusscanner temporariliy might do the trick.

I usually fire up Windows Commander. If Windows XP itself cannot delete the file , Windows Commander usually does the trick.

It’s the incredibly nifty and useful (note sarcasm) Windows media-preview that kicks in and reads the file. Usually takes ages and locks your file. Has happened to me many times. The way to get rid off the file is either to wait until it’s finished or use good ol’ DOS-commands :slight_smile: