File is too big for c dvd ... WTF?



i look in the properties of my movie on my hard drive and it says 700mb in size … and it says on disk 700 mb . but when i put it on the dvd and burn with nero 7 nero says it is like 3.3 gb … what is this about ? plz help.


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It’s because you’ve used NeroVision to encode it to DVD Video format which is quite different to a compressed avi file which I assume is what it is…


MPEG-2 (DVD-Video) needs much higher bitrate in comparision with to MPEG-4 (XviD/DivX)


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If you have a Movie 700 MB on CD it most likely is Mpeg4 (DivX), when you want to put it on DVD, I think Nero is trying to re encode it to Mpeg2 file which will come to your 3.3 GB.
The difference is how much more Mpeg4 can compress the file with comparison to Mpeg2


If you had the same avi file without a compression codec like Xvid or Divx it could be anything up to 40GB or so in uncompressed size.

I once saved a 2hr movie in avi format without any compression & it reached 70gb.

As a DVD movie the same file with mpge2 compression & still reasonable, watchable quality it would reach 4.5gb.