File I can't burn

I downloaded a game and ended up with two files one is a .cue and the other is a .bin
I double click on the cue file and that starts up Nero 7 but the bin file is just over 776 meg in size. Nero says to put a cd in that larger in size. Is there any way to split this file to burn on 2 CD or even change the type of disk to DVD

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A bin file of about 800mb should be writable to a 700mb CD-R. You could try ImgBurn & open the .bin as it doesn’t handle .cue files.

Nero will not write to the CD says not enough room (well something like that) I downloaded ImgBurn and when I try to open the bin file it says Invalid or Unsupported Image File Format
Any ideas

You could try mounting it on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools. If it doesn’t mount then it’s possibly a corrupt bin file.

Try burning it with Alcohol 120%