File format not recognised



hi all,
I am trialing AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 to backup my Blu-Ray disks onto my NAS drive. Problem I have is my Jungle Book Blu-Ray doesnt have a file format recognized by CloneDVD2. Instead of Video_TS folder it has three folders ANY!, BDMV, CERTIFICATE (see attached).

Do I need different burn software to overcome this?


AFAIK,CloneDvd doesn’t support blu-ray…
There are plenty programs to find here in the forums that do,though…:iagree:
Also an excellent freeware,BD Rebuilder can handle that job easily.


CloneDVD2 is as it says for DVDs.
You also need AnyDVD HD I think.
I’m not working with BD so I’m not certain but almost.

It also depends on what you want for a backup.
MakeMKV will also do this if .mkv will be ok for the backup.
It only deos an English subtitle & will be about the same size as the BD used.

roadworker suggested BDRebuilder & usually knows what he advises.
I would try it first.


D’oh! embarrassingly obvious that Blu-Ray not supported.

yes have loaded BDRebuilder and running the backup. So far so good but looks like it may take all night to run so will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Of note I am backing up to a NAS which I connect to with a Dune box running Zappiti Dukebox to give me an on demand movie style video player…Nice!

Thanks for the prompt response which has really impressed me. Been on other forums where I get nothing. Loving Myce!