File format DVD problem

I’ve copied the files from a DVD I want to burn to my hard drive, and when I ripped them from the disk they are saved as .VOB, .BUP, and .IFO file types. However, when I try to put them into Sonic RecordNow or Nero, the DVD burning programs won’t recognize all the file types. I’m a real newbie at DVD burning, what am I doing wrong?

Used DVD Shrink to rip the movie (also tried using Sonic but with same results)
Trying to burn with Sonic or Nero on a NEC ND5100 burner…thanks for any help someone could give.

Many progs creatin a video_ts folder with vob, bup and ifo files.
Normally it should works per drag&drop in nero.
I would try to copy the dvd again to the hdd. Maybe some files are
not correct. Also have a try with dvd decrypter to rip the files. :slight_smile:



DVD Shrink, then Nero, using the DVD-Video tab which will create the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders in the program. It should be a simple case of dragging all your output files into these folders (usually only VIDEO_TS)

Never had a problem myself, but have been doing it the same way since the first movie I copied.

I wanted to use Adobe Premeir Elements for some basic editing, but found it will not accept Video TS files as acceptible format. I eventually had to DeMux them with ReJig

into Mpg files and use the resulting files for editing purposes in Elements. Too much of a pain, for my limited attention-span, so I have given up editing until something really simple comes along…

If you’re using DVD Shrink then you might as well install DVD Decrypter and then use it to burn with.