'file empty' message when updating firmware on DVDR980


My Philips DVDR980 drive has just been upgraded to firmware ff12t by applying the Philips DVDR Universal Upgrade download from your site.

I noticed that Philips now list the latest firmware as 6.3 on their support site, and I downloaded and applied.

I get the usual INIT disk/Verify disk etc but then the message ‘file empty’ is displayed and the machine resets - no upgrade applied.

I’d be grateful for any help/advice that can be offered.

PS I read in some of the forum discussions that ff12x is the latest release and I assume thats whats in the Philips 6.3 download.

Regards - Peezeee

Between “download” and “apply” you must’ve written data to a CD.

What data did you write, in what format, using which application?


Hi aybeesea,

Actions as follows:-

Download firmware V6.3, filename dvdr980_051_fus_eng.zip (6.32 mb), from Philips site - ie

Extract zip to folder (same name as zip file).

Extracted files (from zip) written to formatted blank cd-rw using Nero and to Philips specification as per instruction provided with download, as follows:-
File System CD-rom ISO level 2
Mode 2/XA
Character Set ISO 9960
Single Session
Write speed low
Finalised disc
Wtitten as ‘Disk at once’

I also have a Philips DVD player DVP3005 and have successfully updated firmware using same procedure as above so I can’t see it being the process I have followed or burning to cd using Nero.

Thanks - peezee

I downloaded and burned this version on a cdrw 10 mins ago and the same thing happened. I believe “file empty” means there is either no update for that model of recorder on the disc or the fw version on the machine is up to date, ie the version on your machine is the same as that you are trying to load.

That’s an incorrect deduction - a number of solutions to this problem can be found in the old forum runes here.
The easiest appears to be to remove the text file before burning the CD.

Can I remind contributors that there’s a wealth of information available in the static database, and which can easily be accessed using the search facility.

I got this to work on my DVDR985 by removing the text file, burning “disk at once,” using filesystem 2/XA, ISO9660. Took about 15 mins and applied it fine; I ran it again and got the “up to date” message.

Now I put in a DVD+R, fresh off the spindle, it records for about four seconds, then I get the message “DB 7FC58422”. The message fades and then the recorder powers off.

I thought it might be a bad disc but I wanted to check here before making a bunch of coasters looking for a “good” disc. The error message just sounded like it might be related to the firmware upgrade. Has anyone seen this?

Are you sure about the accuracy of that message sequence?



What was the firmware before you upgraded, and what did you upgrade to?

You can try a firmware ‘reversion’, if you have a copy of the original.