File Crypting?



Hi, i’m looking for some software that can be used for crypting files.

Not folder lock with password but softwer that will use BLOWFISH or AES algorithms or i dont know, i’m not really familiar with this thing.

So basicly this softwer would crypt file, change the extension, and without decrypter nobody can open it.
The other user need to have a key, that will be generated only for his PC, by hardware id for example, and nobody can use that key beside him.

If someone knows some programs, please.
Any help will be appretiated.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks but that is not what i need.
There are a lot of this simple password protect programs.
I need a key (not password, maybe .reg file or something else) that can be used on one PC.


Try Truecrypt.


Truecrypt is a good way to go, it gives you several options.


I didnt tried it yet, i will for shure, but i tried BCArchive.
When i started i told myself this is it, but no.
Good program, someone sends you his Public Key, you make containers with files using his public key and then he decrypts it with his secret key (.p12 the extension), but i dont see the point when others can use his secret key on their PC too.

No, truecrypt is for crypting hdd partitions.
BCArchive is closer to this what i need.



Truecrypt creates containers which can (1) contain one or more files within a partition(you determine the container size), or (2) a container which is a system partition(as you said), or (3) an entire hard disk, (4) a Windows OS, (5) a hidden container within a container. The container can be on a hard drive, a USB stick, or a DVD.

The Truecrypt container can be encrypted with (1) a password or using (2) keyfiles, or (3) both; and you can choose from several encryption algorithms, AES, Serpent, Twofish, etc.

I have various sized containers on my hard drive and USB stick.
You can also specify any file extension you please for the container.


Ok, i realise that.
I’m interested in keyfile encryption, you need a specific keyfile to open the container or one key open them all ?
And again, this keyfile can be used on several PC’s or only one ?



You can use one or more keyfiles to encrypt a container.
Also note that a password can be used in addition to multiple keyfiles.
Keyfiles can be any existing file you have or you can create them using Truecrypt.
Each container can only be accessed by using the keyfile(s) used to encrypt that container.
The container and/or the keyfiles can be moved from one PC to another, or stored on removeable media.
Truecrypt must be run to use the keys to open the container.
So, I think any system that can run Truecrypt will be able to open the container if the key(s) are available.
I will have to go back and check if Administrator priviledges are necessary to run Truecrypt (read the Truecrypt documentation.)
Truecrypt is a standalone executable so can be run from a USB stick.
Again read the documentation to grasp all its features.
I think it’s a great program.:slight_smile:


Yes thats all clear, as i said i allready have one of that kind, BCArchive.
I dont see why TrueCrypt is better except he’s free :slight_smile:
I have them both installed on my PC and this is what i tried with BCArchive:

  1. Created a container with simple txt file inside using ONLY my public key, i choose BLOWFISH for encryption
  2. Then i created self-extract exe file
  3. When you run this exe you need to choose secret key wich is generated with public key, they go in pair.You cant use any other secret key, only the one specified while creating a container.

Big problem is for example if i create container with my key and if i want to only i have access, when i send you my secret key you can open the container too.
I need something that binds to HardwareID, and if this is not your key you cant open it.
I found some opensource but i am not a programmer.


Sorry, I don’t understand the scenario.

Why would you send someone else a “secret” keyfile, if you don’t want anyone else to open the container? And why would you reveal which file is the container?

I really don’t understand what you are trying to do here.


Ok, i upload this container to some file hosting service, someone download this container and he want’s to open it. I give him a key and he does open it, but if he gives a key to someone else he’ll open it too. So what i need is key that will work only on one pc.
I’m not shure this can be done with TrueCrypt either.


There are so many problems with this idea I don’t quite know how to reply.

If I understand correctly, you would like to create an encrypted container which does not have a unique keyfile in order to access it.

I have not read every single word of Truecrypt Foundations documentation, but I am pretty sure this feature is not supported in the current version.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong about that.

I don’t believe that is an intended use of Truecrypt by its creators.

I am not saying that what you want to do is not possible, but you will most likely need other software in addidtion to an encryption program.
Also I think the server hosting the container will have to be " a part of the team."

One question, what is to prevent the receiver of the container and “one-machine” key from accessing the data, creating a new container with a new keyfile and desssiminating it?
If you don’t trust the receiver, they shouldn’t get a key (I think that’s what Truecrypt had in mind.)


About your only choice for that kind of protection would be a hardware dongle or software that connects to your server with the customers computer configuration, and then actively modifies the software (or the software protection the content) to only run on that computer, with a remote unlock after the modification. If this is for something you are wanting to sell though, be aware that things like this tend to piss customers off (especially when they don’t work right). Further, there is nothing that cannot be cracked, including hard ware dongles. Many can be bypassed (or copied and emulated) with software. Activations can easily be cracked. And for honest users that bought your product or content, dongles fail and or can be lost. Activation messes up and or servers go down when the customer needs it (even microsoft has pissed off many, many customers because they cannot get it right). There are options like that which would stop the average person from sharing it though (unless they are motivated enough to google for a dongle emulator or a crack). It could also phone home each time it is accessed, but people really don’t like programs that phone home either (privacy and all).


@uSerKey yes that would be it, container that has unique keyfile.
But as you said with TrueCrypt it is not something you can do, you can only set one keyfile to have access to the container, i like the idea that you can set file as keyfile, maybe some dll file from system that is unique for every PC, i’m shure that this sort of file exists.

Comparing TrueCrypt with BCArchive, i think that BCArchive is better, because you can set multiple keys to have access to the container and you dont need to have it installed to open the container because you can make container self-extract.
Container in a container hmm…

@ripit i am aware of the fact that activation code can be cracked, but is not software that i’m selling, only simple rar files.
Now you got me interested with these hardware dongle.
If i manage to protect users secret key, that would be it, he would not be able to copy it and sends it to another user.


I’m not sure what price range would work with what you are selling, but simple flash drive dongles are about 20-30$ ea in small quantity. Its not a normal flash drive though. They contain special hardware that runs the copy protection. You use their software to setup your protection, and write it to one of their flash drives. The hardware on the flash drive then uses the information that you wrote to the flash drive to operate the protection (that way they can use generic dongles for many different copy protections). If its a large scale operation and you might need thousands of them, it might be cheaper to get a custom made dongle done instead of a programmable generic one. Just google hardware dongle copy protection and you will find lots of companies selling them. This one has pricing for wuantities as low as 2-4.
I’m not sure if that specific one can work directly with an rar, but perhaps it could control included software to allow or disallow decrypting the file. I have seen others that say that they can work directly with video files etc. so I’m guessing they could encrypt anything and protect it, but I’m not sure about cost or minimum quantities.


Ok, this is all hardware protection ?
Any known software protection ?

Supose i use this hardware dongle, i copy the keyfile on the usb drive and send it to other members, hmm…i dont see the math here.

I think that all this with containers and keyfiles can be put into one programm, but again i’m not a programmer.
If someone knows how to do this, please contact me here or send me a PM, for a price of course.

And thank you guys you really helped.


[QUOTE=miki_pirke;2102611]Ok, i upload this container to some file hosting service, someone download this container and he want’s to open it. I give him a key and he does open it, but if he gives a key to someone else he’ll open it too.[/QUOTE]

But the first person who you give the key to could just upload the decrypted contents. If you trust this person not to share the contents then why can’t you trust them not to share the key? Surely the contents of any encrypted container are always more valuable than the key to open it.




The point is, :slight_smile:
I’m not sharing any confidential data, and the users who recieve this data have a realy low speed connection, max 512/64 kbps.
So they cant upload 5 gigs, they can but how long the process will take.
Problem is that this data is recieved all over the world, to be preciese Europe,Asia and maybe Africa via satellite.
Simple, who pays opens the archive.