File-Crawler: warez and mp3 search tool

I just posted the article File-Crawler: warez and mp3 search tool.

Submitted by: ForeverDuke

File - Crawler is the last tool you will ever need for finding software (for back up puposes only) .
Forget all them lame warez…

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Cool seen this before
Hey Vinny where are you
Must I be first this only last time at last

great job

Yes I am Back and it is great
WOW I am Happy…

maybe FTP is betterbut…
i’ve don’t find any good ftp’s that don’t ask login and passwd by clicking any banner so they get money so tell me a few good ones…
but it seems to be a good site

Greetingz Woutiir

Posted by: Redneck | | at Saturday 30 September

Nice bug my post remains last

woutir, there are LOTS that don’t require one you only have to look beter

Where do I get FTP site adresses??

hey rol,
you said i’ve seen this before where cuz it RULEZ man… it’s the greatist thing to download warez man it fucking rulez!!!

Greetingz Woutiir…

P.S. ive found a copple of ftp site… so… just JOKING now

Maybe you are right, but I download some programs and some games but they don’t start and my pc says "fatal error missing Volume00"
So, or I’m stupid or it doesn’t work!!!

The link didn’t work over here?!

Anybody can give me a direct downlink or mail it 2 me?!


Most of the files are really old shit.

only +80 old & shitty files… not so cool.

what can i do about it?

Greetingz woutiir

“Forget all them lame warez sites with pop ups and fake links and force voting”, HTTP warez? lol what’s HTTP warez ftp rocks man al this look-alike programs about file sharing whilst at the end it all comes down to one thing, when someone sees someone else downing from him he breaks conection and you have a damaged file lol, and you have to suffer under the speed of the uploader (imagine having OC48 and having to down from 56k lol)

stick to ftp i guess

"Pressing download then going to watch some tv or searching the net and then coming back and getting another awesome games of your choice from our wide variety of applications… it’s perfect "

You know that description from ZiSE doesn’t exactly sound like it’s for backup purposes…

What the fuck is it doing placing a file called FCUPDATE.EXE in windowssystem ?

Then it makes it startup in the registry…
My ComputerHKEY_LOCAL|MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

EVERY time Windows is started this application tries to access the Internet. Even if you uninstall File Crawler, it leaves this file and Registry Entry (ie. it tells lies that it completely uninstalls all components). I let it access Internet once and then immediately I went to shut down windows it warned me that a user was connected and if I wanted to continue to shut down.

I really think we all deserve to know what this program does! I have not figured out what it is for. By the name, it appears it is designed to check for updates maybe. But why does it hide itself like this if that is the case? It could be a trojan for all I know. If it is innocent, it still is crappily written piece of shit if the uninstall does not remove.

This deserves more investigation…
I warn you all to stay away from this program until the author makes comment about this.