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Follow up on our newsposting.

What the fuck is it doing placing a file called FCUPDATE.EXE in windowssystem?

Then it makes it startup in the registry…

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The program suck anyway. It’s cheap and as I read this text it looks like a trojan. I’ll check my PC when I’m home. If it’s a trojan, i’ll be pissed and will hunt 'm down ;-}

yes has done it to me to and yiu r right it not very good

If it’s a trojan then FUCK THAT CREW !!!

I try it myself couples days ago and thanks god i had Protectx install.That told me that file crawler tryed to put something in my registry like a trojan.Of course i pick no!It must be one of the shity programs that call a 0000000000 number in a pay phone and charge u for 2$ per minute.A same thing that must be from another warez cd site that sent me a email and told my that i can i downoad free if i connect with their program.

All can i say Dont visit them if its so and tell that to your friends for this shity people!

sniff if and find what it sends, simple

No problems for me so far.
But if this is true, then this crew is lost. And hopefully in a lot of pain. ;d

This program sux mega! I installed it and it gives me a access violation error when I start up my system, damn piece of shit

I wondered what it was tryin 2 connect 2 the net… if u turn off connect automatically, it will only get to the dial up screen, and not actually connect - problem solved. still shit coded piece of software.

How can i delete this FCUpdate.exe file from my Windows/System directory. I tried it a couple of times, but Windows said, can’t delete this file cause Windows is using it, can anybody tell me what do??

Oops, its done, sorry for bothering you guys, the file is already deleted,hehe!!!

Yes it does try to access the web but I have a Firewall
nice try

By the way shity program did not even work ok.

Hello EveryOne,
I am the head cheif of File-Crawler’s Crew.
Many of you might know me from the message board.
Well - about the FCUpdate.exe File, as Explained in the Message Board on, it does not do anything wrong!
If we wanted to harm people, we would do it much more easily, but we don’t.
All what we want is to supply people with easy solutions, and we shall get better at it with time.
Many people has already checked the file and got to the obvious conclusion that it is 100% harmless.
You are welcomed to check as well.
The reasons it don’t comes off with UnInstall Is a Mistake in the Setup.exe file and shall be fixed ASAP - We are about to release a fix for that.
OfCourse, on next version, the Installer/UnInstaller will be fixed as well. =)

The Reason the program does not work properly is not because of the code but because Thousands of people used the program succesfully for FREE, and the server just got shut down, permanently, since it was a free server (We Can’t afford to get a Fast and reliable server to server SO MANY people… )

Best Regards,

FC_Crew, I like your program, but I think it would be better if you had a option to update the program instead of using an autoupdate. People, I think, will feel more secure when they decide over their systems Don’t you agree ? I hope so. Keep up the work, if you dont have any bad intentions that is /Ka

Ok FC_Crew
By posting your explain message I think I owe you my apology.
Keep up the work, if you dont have any bad intentions.
Hope your next version wil wor fine.

I blew the whistle on this program and I’m telling you this is malicious!!! My posts were deleted over at file crawler (shocked right) but in my opinion I would avoid fc like the plague. I’m glad to see my word spread and hopefully my intentions to help people was realized because many over at fc thought I was hating but oh well, hope I helped just one cuz I would’ve appreciated it, thanks guys.

The FCupdate doesn’t update the program, but rather updates the list of available downloads. Maybe I’m wrong but this is what I see.

the program worked fine for me… till that strange message
appeard …the guy(s) who spread it says its a bug to fix…see