File Count on CD



I received a CD from a 3rd party that claims there are about 20000 files on the CD. I am seeing 3 sessions, and a total of about 100 files. Explorer reports the size of the CD at about 350MB, though the sum of the individual files I can see does not total to that (much less). I do not see any visible files that are ZIPs that might be holding additional files. What can cause this, or is the sender just wrong about the count? thanks!


A ZIP files should count as 1 (one) file if you had them in the disc. So, it would only make a dif for to determine your supplier counting criteria.
If yoy have a multisession and you see much less files than the necessary to total the occupied space, it’s propbably because Explorer is not “seeing” all of them.
Multisession carries this kind of problems quite often.
Did you try to open a project in Nero (or other burn that supports multisession), put your disc in the drive as “source” and see how many files are there?
(just a suggestion…)