"File corrupted - please reinstall the application"



just tried to use clonedvd.

What does this mean

File corrupted!
Please reinstall the application and run a Virus check!

Clonedvd has caused a critical application error

File Corrupted. Please reinstall the application and run a virus check


did you do a virus check?

if you don’t have a virus then you have a cracked copy of the program and have been caught…congratulations.

if you had done a search you’d find that James has stated that 99% of the time this error message indicates that there has been an alteration to the main .exe file in the form of a crack.

i recommend downloading and purchasing the latest version from www.slysoft.com


hey its working now. one of either two things that i changed fixed this problem. i had clonedvd3(the version made by another company) installed on my computer at first then i uninstald it. i alsomoved the exe to the desktop instead of making a shortcut and so i moved itback then once i did those two tings it worked again


Be careful, Reasons. We have been warned by AZ about this topic. The ONLY thing we’re allowed to do is tell them to reinstall the application, NOT presume guilt or innocense about how they got into this state in the first place.


i didn’t presume anything. i said to do a virus scan and IF the virus scan was clean, then it’s possible the .exe was modified by a crack and i suggested that only a purchased copy from www.slysoft.com would work.

i think i’m a lot less “on the attack” than a lot of other forum members.


I wasn’t accusing you of anything, just reminding you that we’ve all been warned about it. That’s all. :slight_smile:


Hey golly, gee, shucks … no need to worry! He said

…“hey its working now”…


When james referred to the 99.99% of the time being a crack, I didn’t know he ment Clonedvd2 also , I thought that was only with Anydvd. seems I learn something new every day on here :doh:


mikej3131, I am confused. What version of CloneDVD are you using now, the Elby version or the clonedvd.net version?


unless .net also stole the error message wording from elby/slysoft it sounds to me like he’s using the “right” version.

he said it’s working now, but if it is indeed a crack, he’ll be back in about a half hour or so with the same error message and problem.

also, it’s always nice when the original poster lets us know what the problem was and how they fixed it. sort of like closure to the thread for out benefit and the knowledge of other forum members who may search the site.


Hello Folks,

I have difficulty understand how having both CloneDVD3 (CloneDVD.Net) and CloneDVD2 (Elaborate Bytes) installed simultaneously on the same computer at the same time would trigger the famous “File corrupted! Please reinstall the application and run a Virus check!” notification.

The CloneDVD3 (CloneDVD.Net) executable file is CloneDVD.Exe which is located in the ?:\Program Files\CloneDVD folder. The CloneDVD2 (Elaborate Bytes) executable file is CloneDVD2.Exe which is located in the ?:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD2 folder.

Forum Member’s mikej3131 mumbo jumbo explanation as to what triggered the “File corrupted! Please reinstall the application and run a Virus check!” notification displayed by CloneDVD2 (Elaborate Bytes) makes absolutely no sense. Forum Member’s mikej3131 actions as explained in posting # 3 would in no way alter or modify the CloneDVD2.Exe executable file which as explained by SlySoft (James) causes the “File corrupted! Please reinstall the application and run a Virus check!” notification to be displayed.

In short Forum Member’s mikej3131 posting is extremely dubious and suspect.

Best Regards,


I still think the advice of “run a virus scan, uninstall product, redownload from slysoft, and install clean” is probably the best. Attempting to figure out a user’s motivation for having a modified exe is not overly useful in most cases. Telling them to reinstall will most assuredly get rid of the problem and if they come back and say that didn’t work, well, we can direct them to James. :slight_smile: