File converter and LARGE file

I took a 1.9 gigabyte avi movie file and used convertxtodvd3 encoder.
the result after encoding was a 2.6 gigabyte videoTS file which I burned to blank media.

I then tried avs4u encoder on the same avi movie and it told me it was too large to fit on a standard dvd and to use 2 disks or a DL disk.
the gigabyte number would have been 6 or 7 gigabytes if I remember.

how could 2 different encoders be so different?

Movie size is not a factor here. Major factor is the length of the movie. The 2 programs have different algorithms of conversion, and it depends largely on the settings you have chosen in the programs.

How long is the movie?

ya know, I’m not sure how long each was.

I think I will encode the same movie using both encoders and see how large each becomes…